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Damn it, this show had me crying again. Sinead's heartbreak and suicidal state over the death of Katy was so sad. I honestly, wasn't sure if she was guilty of harming her or not. But despite that, I could see she truly loved her child, and the loss of her devastating, so emotionally, I was on her side.

In relation to Ste, I really needed to see his steadfast belief and support of Sinead. It changed my opinion of the character. Up until then he seemed to be somewhat of an airhead. Making decision w/o being circumspect. I mean when he thought the first shipment of wine/drugs would settle everything with Fraser/Grace/Trevor, I rolled eyes and thought what a dunderhead... But as I said, his love and support of Sinead placed a different light on him.

OT - I was in the process of looking for info on the show and couldn't believe it when I read this show is considered a " teen" soap. My gawd, if the show and it's topic are considered "teen," I'd hate to see how they characterize and/or categorize our American soaps with their oh, so conservative topics and/or writing.

Question: does anyone know how often the episodes will be uploaded to Hulu. I tried to find the info, but to no avail.
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