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I can't believe how easily Tony is being controlled! Wow! Man is insane with paranoia! Go, Spencer and Tash! And also, Tony has so much luck in this game, it's insane.

Trish is just.. there..

Kass is so smug and obnoxious! I can't believe it! She made a big move once (a dumb move, made out of pure emotion) and she thinks she's god of Survivor game. Bitch, please! You have no idea what's going on and it's been shown twice now when she had no control over who was going (LJ and Jefra) so shut up and stop being so entitled!

Woo is so clueless and such a puppet of Tony's. It's ridiculous.

Tasha is a challenge beast! Love her! Spencer so easily played Tony, I couldn't believe it!

Go, Spencer and Tasha!!

And I am so sick of idols now! This is too much!! Unfortunately, with two idols, Tony is guaranteed final 4 (that's when idols power stops, right?)

And seriously, they need to change things. People know when to expect a merge, when to expect clues to hidden immunity idols, what to expect on auctions. Shake it up! Surprise them! Don't give them a clue at the auction. Change something.. anything! As long as they're not anticipating it!
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