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It always happens like this. I had a feeling Sabs wins it too. Speaking of her.. while she's no where near my favorite, because I think she sucks in this game, I do believe Sabrina is a really nice person, from what I could see. I don't think she's mean.. I haven't watched the feeds so correct me if I'm wrong, but aside from being an annoying crybaby, I do get a feeling she has a good heart.

With that said, I don't know who I wanna see leave this week. Maybe Jon.. I don't know.. I kinda want Heather to win now.. she's the ultimate underdog, who was trashed and hated by the girls in the beginning and was targeted to leave early on and she made it this far. Neda played a great game, but what I don't like with her is that she doesn't seem to want to take any responsibility for her actions. She wants to pretend like she didn't make any big decisions and it was all someone's else work. Why? Own up to the fact that you made big moves and pushed for big decisions. I don't get why she always says she doesn't want it to seem like she made the decision.

And Jon is such a nice guy too. But I don't see him really making big decision. To me it seemed like he was being talked into things by others (Neda mostly). I dunno.. But I like him and I wouldn't be sad if he won..
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