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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

May 2 2014, 08:43 AM
May 2 2014, 08:39 AM
Nick at this point is being written as a mad dog that needs to be put down. And it's pretty obvious that he's going to be the murder victim. And while I'm not invested in the character, it seems a waste of a potentially good storyline: young man gets out of prison and tries to rebuild his life and reintegrate himself into society. Instead, it was "young man gets out of prison and does a lot of nasty, vindictive, manipulative stuff that makes people wonder why he was released from prison in the first place before ending up as a chalk outline." An exercise in futility!
I LOVE this post. Exactly! One thing I've always liked about Nick is the depth to his character. I especially respected that they were going down the road of his homophobia coming from his prison experience. Instead, as you're saying, they've turned him into a typical Days caricature. It really is sad and a missed opportunity.
They could have done such a wonderful redemption arc for NIck after his life was saved by Will...they could have really showcased what happens to a person after they get raped in prison....and not just made that person a crazy homophobic asshole....sorry just an all around fail and Nick was such a wonderfully likable character his first go around...it pains me to think what they've done to him.
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