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Except Nick was not a habitual criminal before the incident that sent him to prison. Obviously these writers don't know how to write for a complex character. I'd give anything for someone like Bill Bell or Pat Falken Smith to be around to write for Nick.
But those personality traits were there, weren't they? The stalking, controlling, obsessiveness, etc... Add to that a hellish stint in prison and I can totally understand how all the bad traits got worse. I'm not saying that Nick isn't complex, but it's believable that someone's dark side can take over. In my life I've personally seen a once sweet, sensitive girl turn into a dark, jaded, hardened woman after a series of bad events. It sucks, but it happens.
He was not previously obsessive in a dark way. He was socially awkward and didn't know how to go about getting a girl to like him. He was constantly being told he was a geek and not hot enough for anyone. So, he did create false identities on the internet who were more attractive to get Chelsea and Melanie interested in him. But he also had the biggest heart of anyone in Salem and would literally give someone his last cent to help them. He even saved Sami's life when she was pregnant with the twins and received a serious head injury as a result. Not to mention rescuing Melanie from the men her father pimped her out to and taking a bullet in the process. I know Nick can never be the same after all of his experiences, including prison, but to turn him into some cartoon villain, no better than Liam, makes me sick.
This this! Did Nick exhibit personality traits early on that might explain how he went into stalker mode? Maybe, but honestly those traits, especially the obsessive/stalkerish behavior can actually be listed as traits for almost every other citizen in Salem including: Kate, Sami, EJ, Gabi, etc. And when he went full blown nuts in 2008-2009, part of that was due to the medication he got hooked on as well as the actually trying to protect Melanie from an abusive father.

Shall I list some of the selfless acts Nick did before prison? Helping Shelle to escape and pawning his watch so they would have money to leave on (he never got that back), giving away $50K to Chelsea anonymously through Kate (that never was discovered by her) so she could go to college and taking in two boys when their mother abandoned them on his doorstep.

When he was released from prison, he showed no signs of trying to get even or pretend he wasn't a convict. He tried to avoid Melanie at all costs and showed no resentment to her over what happened. Even after Chad beat him up for no reason, he only threatened him about it should Chad try to do reveal Gabi's secret. Now if I wanted to get psychological, I could say that moment with Chad where he protected Gabi might have been the real first step in setting him down this past. So much of his life had been out of his control for so long but in that instant he was able to take back the control and Gabi's sincere gratitude cemented it in his mind. But of course, that would be giving the writers any kind of credit and I hate to do that.
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