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May 2 2014, 11:40 AM
May 2 2014, 11:33 AM
Percy I really don't think like Nick's games
Gabi is any thing but sorry if she cared about Will she would have stood up to Nick
Gabi would so what is right by Will & their daughter (ARI) if she was truly sorry
Aidan is a bad lawyer if it buys whatever reason Gabi gives him for talking that agreement that upsets Will to court.
Nick has RIGHTS to Arianna, Aidan needs to do his job know well protecting Gabi telling her that court shouldn't be an option this point
Gabi leans towards whoever seems to have the upper hand. She backs whoever will give her what she wants. When it was Nick, she looked the other way. When Nick fell out of power and favor, she was suddenly besties with Will and a Sonny. Now that Nick clearly has the upper hand now, she's backing his agenda. Gabi is a spineless jellyfish with no character.
You prove my point
This is why Gabi shouldn't be allow to have the over riding custody agreement
Gabi should not allow for a custody agreement that robs Will of most of his parental rights be a deciding factor in what will likely destroy her relationship with the father of her .
Nick has not legal rights to Gabi & Will's daughter, Gabi should reveal the truth of what she wants to Aidan
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