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He was not previously obsessive in a dark way. He was socially awkward and didn't know how to go about getting a girl to like him. He was constantly being told he was a geek and not hot enough for anyone. So, he did create false identities on the internet who were more attractive to get Chelsea and Melanie interested in him. But he also had the biggest heart of anyone in Salem and would literally give someone his last cent to help them. He even saved Sami's life when she was pregnant with the twins and received a serious head injury as a result. Not to mention rescuing Melanie from the men her father pimped her out to and taking a bullet in the process. I know Nick can never be the same after all of his experiences, including prison, but to turn him into some cartoon villain, no better than Liam, makes me sick.
There's no need to recount his good deeds. And he has not been written as cartoon-y as Liam. I'm just saying, factor in he previous tendencies, factor in his family history of mental illness and factor in his years of prison abuse....Nick turning to the dark side is plausible.

And the thing is, in a weird way, the sweet Nick is still there. The one who just wants his happy ending. He so desperately wants his idealistic, wholesome, "white picket fence" nuclear family dreams to come true, BUT he's trying to force it. Add to the fact that most of the people he's fighting with are hella dubious themselves, I'm sure he doesn't see himself as the bad guy. He probably believes he's righting everyone else's wrongs.
But why go the route of "Bad guy falls off wagon"? Been there, done that. A lot more creative to have this demon that he is constantly battling, but can win, through psychiatric help, the love of a good woman, whatever. Having the bad guy fall bad again is just going with stereotypes. I'd much rather go the other way.
I like this story. Too many characters have been redeemed on this show. I'm hoping when Sami is gone, we get the old EJ back. I saw him today and it was exciting!
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