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My prediction: Nick gave WilSon a crystal heart to celebrate their wedding, and in today's episode, Nick also gave Gabi a crystal heart. I think a shattered crystal heart will be found at the crime scene, and this will lead Sami to suspect that Will or Sonny shot Nick because Sami knows that Nick gave WilSon a crystal heart. (I'm guessing that Ejami hire a hitman to kill Nick, but someone else shoots Nick before the hitman gets a chance.) I think it will actually be Gabi's crystal heart that's found at the crime scene, but the cops won't initially suspect Gabi because no one knows that Nick gave Gabi a crystal heart that's similar to the one that Nick gave WilSon.

Maybe Will or Sonny throw their crystal heart against the wall out of anger and then toss the pieces into the trash, and so WilSon will have no way of proving that their crystal heart wasn't the one at the crime scene. Alternate Theory: Nick has been screwing with everybody all along, and he gave WilSon and Gabi matching crystal hearts in order to set them up for his "murder." (The hearts have different names written on them, but the heart at the crime scene might be smashed so badly that the names are no longer discernible.)

The "smashed crystal heart at the crime scene" thing is total speculation on my part, but I do think it's significant that Nick gave WilSon and Gabi matching crystal hearts.
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