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The way the writers have handled this mystery is both disappointing and frustrating. Why won't they write the story and let it play out? They hit a nice stride in December with a lot of charming scenes for Rafe and Jordan. Bringing Sheryl was great and the four actors worked well together, but her addition told us nothing! Sure Kate got a snippet of info about the Ozarks, but we got zilch on what happened in Birmingham that caused the rift between the friends. They just glided over it and had the girls patch things up easy-peasy without a single conversation to enlighten us. Sheryl is out and Ben is in and its the same damn thing. Short scenes spread out over weeks with nothing but double talk. How could we not lose interest? Paying attention to the conversation yields NO results. Every time we get our hopes up that something is going to happen to move the story, nothing does. For month upon month we've had no meaty information to open the door on what happened to this woman.

This article is frustrating because I believed Kate was finally going to pounce with some new information. How foolish of me. It's about the damn IDs we've seen a million times. So what? Jordan already knew Kate had it in for her. Now she knows how low she'll stoop to get dirt. Throwing in a catfight and having Jordan flee doesn't add excitement to the story. It's filler in a story they just won't tell.

I don't want Jordan to leave the show. I want them to get her through this plodding story and let her shine in a well paced better one because Chrishell has talent. It's the writers that are failing her here.

I also find it highly laughable that LK is taking the stance that these are Kate's noble attempts to just keep Rafe safe. I'm sure that's Kate's only motivation. ;)
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