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May 2 2014, 10:22 PM
May 2 2014, 10:18 PM
I don't understand why everyone on Days has a gun. This irks me to no end. Also, why would they even resort to killing Nick? Doesn't EJ have any other creative ways to get rid of him, like framing him for something then blackmail him? Send him to Stefano's Moroccan commune so he joins Chyka and the nurse that killed Bernardi. Better yet, borrow one of Stefano's memory chips and wipe out his memory. This is so unsatisfactory. Why hire a hitman for freaking Nick Fallon? He seems so unworthy. He's such a deranged and emotionally unstable dude, it's easy to gaslight him.

As a Sonny fan, I am dissapointed that they gave him a gun. In fact, it makes me mad.
This is what I'm saying! He's not physically dangerous. He's blackmailing people. So get something on him and force him out of town. Wanting him dead is way extreme.
The writers have no imagination. They can't make these s/l interesting and with a twist. I feel like they're my first year in college when I discovered partying and used to waste my time then write the most mediocre paper at the last day (this is before I wised up of course). It's like they put together something for sweeps at the last minute and they're all scrambling when one of them yells, "..why don't we kill off character A?"
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