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May 2 2014, 09:53 PM
About Robin's exit, in my opinion, I think TPTB are playing off GH history between Anna and Robin and I like it. Here's why.

Anna and Robert abandoned Robin when she was Emma's age to fight crime around the world. Now, Robin, hoped not to follow in parents footsteps, is following in her mother footsteps to save her friend, because she feels dedicated to save him, which I DO NOT fault her for.

Robin was also upset that her parents didn't fulfill their role as parents in her life growing up. This could be future storyline potential for Emma when she's a rebellious teenager or an upset young adult, because Robin wasn't there for Emma in her life, the same way Anna wasn't there for Robin. It also provides problems for Robin's marriage to Patrick (divorce. I love Scrubs, so I hope that doesn't happen.) and their happiness as a family.

I'm pretty sure Robin wants to come home to her family, but it's not an option for her at the moment. I'm heart broken for Robin for being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sorry Robin's excuse to leave her family was just lame/ She spent two years of her life taken by the same people who were parents fought their whole life against to save the Cassadines who are nothing but sociopaths. I would never leave my husband/child to go save a friend who family has mourned and accepted his or her death. Any thing that happens with both Helena/Starvos is all on Robin. I hope she doesn't save Jason just that she come back and tell his family. Sam is Jason wife and she should have made the decision for Jason, not Robin.
Patrick was mad because he lost Robin when she was trying to save Jason and now he in the same position two years ago. Robin is acting like she doesn't care what Patrick/Emma is going through with the baby, all she cares about is Jason.
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