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May 3 2014, 09:26 AM
May 2 2014, 09:32 PM
And Kate's motivation is that she's worried about Rafe's safety? Sorry, don't buy it..not what we've seen play out on our screen. Kate has been acting like a jealous ex, not a worried friend.

word. LK spins it like JL does in her interviews. JL acts like Teresa is so genuine about Brady and doesn't want his money, but on screen, she does want his money. LK spins it that Kate is not still into Rafe, but is worried about Jordan working for Stefano. On screen, she acts jealous
I would imagine, as an actor, it would be hard to know what is motivating Kate. LK is always in Kate's corner, and as an actor, I think you always have to find some way to identify with your character. Kate 'protecting Rafe,' though an incredibly stupid motive, is the only angle in which Kate looks slightly sane. She hated the Kate/Daniel/Chloe storyline, and with the writing being so terribly similar in this storyline, I'm sure Lauren has decided to take Kate's word on this. The alternative is just too depressing.
The problem I have with this is that if LK hates how Kate is being portrayed in this storyline and therefore is spouting Kate's word of only protecting Rafe as the motivation then why make acting choices that contradict them? She could play the concerned friend similarly to Nicole, Hope and Sami. LK instead eyes Rafe up and down at every opportunity. We've seen her coo and flirt numerous times. Was it scripted for her to kiss his cheek recently? I have a feeling that was all LK. She's acting like a woman eager to pick up a sexual relationship once again with him and her obstacle to that pleasure is Jordan. I think if Lauren is going to play it that way she should own it.
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