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It's interesting that Blake Berris doesn't see Nick as a good guy who deserves sympathy. He actually said that Nick would "blow his brains out" if he were to write Nick's demise.
Because he's tortured. I don't see how that ending means that he doesn't think he deserves sympathy.
Well, I wouldn't want tortured people to kill themselves. I want them to get proper treatment and support.

It doesn't sound like thinks Nick deserved redemption.
I think Nick feels the same way because, with few exceptions, he's been made to feel worthless. And actually, although I would still be devastated, a suicide would be more in line with Nick's character and would be easier for me to accept than being gunned down by a town full of hypocrites (and yes, I know, all of them don't take a shot). Maybe Nick hired someone to kill him? I guess that's not out of the realm of possibility.
Who made Nick feel worthless, aside from his victims refusing to play nice? I am talking about when he came back from prison and after Ari's birth?

About the ending, I think the ending sucks. It lacks any creativity.
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