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Well, I wouldn't want tortured people to kill themselves. I want them to get proper treatment and support.

It doesn't sound like thinks Nick deserved redemption.
I think Nick feels the same way because, with few exceptions, he's been made to feel worthless. And actually, although I would still be devastated, a suicide would be more in line with Nick's character and would be easier for me to accept than being gunned down by a town full of hypocrites (and yes, I know, all of them don't take a shot). Maybe Nick hired someone to kill him? I guess that's not out of the realm of possibility.
Who made Nick feel worthless, aside from his victims refusing to play nice? I am talking about when he came back from prison and after Ari's birth?

About the ending, I think the ending sucks. It lacks any creativity.
Exactly Will, Sonny, EJ, Kate & Sami have no reason to even respect much less like Nick
Trust & respected is earned not merely granted... I Nick think he's done a thing to deserve either that his instability had him over the edge before he even returned to Salem after the river dumping.

Nick mistreated Will & Sonny first they did nothing at all to him. Will didn't know Nick well but Nick was never mis treated by Will at the time around talking about ... if fact Will did create an negative opinion of Nick until Nick manipulated Will into singing away his rights... even after all that Will took a bullet & saved Nick life and even then Nick could stop but for a short few months in going back after parting Arianna & Will again.

There was a point that Will said that he will simple never trust Nick that he doesn't wish him harm but that he will never trust him or trust him with Arianna.
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