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May 3 2014, 07:07 PM
May 3 2014, 08:33 AM
Godparent question. In real life, if a child has a godparent and one of their real parents die or leaves for whatever reason. Does the godparent actually step up to take that parents place like they promised. How seriously do people take this?

I'm just wondering because with Gabi leaving, theoretically, Abigail needs to step up to the plate. Would she?

No that's not what a godparent does -- in the Catholic church.
Will and Gabi and Arianna Grace were all baptized in the Catholic church.

A godparent's role isn't to be a substitute parent if the legal parents die.

A godparent's role is to guide the child in the church's teachings -- regardless of whether the legal parents are alive or dead.

See this link:
Scroll to the section "A MISCONCEPTIONS: ADOPTION"
(bullet items # 20, 21, 22)

The first obligation of the godparent is to support the parent of the godchild with the religious upbringing of the child.

Does that mean that a godparent has to adopt his godchild should the parents die? Unless the parents have indicated this in their Last Will (Last Testament) that in case of their death or total disability, the godparents are to obtain full custody of their children, (should they wish to have custody) the godparents have no custodial rights over their godchildren. This matter should be discussed in details between the parents of a child and the godparent(s) to ensure that no surprises will be written in a Last Will.

While some godparents may not object to obtaining the custody of their godchild in the event of parental death, in some cases, such may not be possible. As a general rule, when a number of children from the same family are involved, the Courts do not desire to separate the children who are striving to cope with the loss of their parents. As such, all the children may be placed together with one godparent or none at all.
You know that's something Gabi and Will need to decide too, if both of them were to die then who would get custody of Ariana. My guess would be Sonny because he has the closiest relationship to her......closer than Sami or Rafe. And when I say closiest I mean in terms that he's there taking care of her day to day unlike Sami or Lucas (forgot to include Lucas) or Rafe who of course would be closer to her by blood. I wonder who Ejami would want to raise Johnny and Sydney if both of them were to die? Sami might go with Lucas over Marlena so that Johnny and Ali would be together. I don't see her wanting Carrie and Austin for the job though. :D Wonder who EJ would choose?
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