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He was not previously obsessive in a dark way. He was socially awkward and didn't know how to go about getting a girl to like him. He was constantly being told he was a geek and not hot enough for anyone. So, he did create false identities on the internet who were more attractive to get Chelsea and Melanie interested in him. But he also had the biggest heart of anyone in Salem and would literally give someone his last cent to help them. He even saved Sami's life when she was pregnant with the twins and received a serious head injury as a result. Not to mention rescuing Melanie from the men her father pimped her out to and taking a bullet in the process. I know Nick can never be the same after all of his experiences, including prison, but to turn him into some cartoon villain, no better than Liam, makes me sick.
So much of his life had been out of his control for so long but in that instant he was able to take back the control and Gabi's sincere gratitude cemented it in his mind. But of course, that would be giving the writers any kind of credit and I hate to do that.
For ME, I believe the slippery slope began once he found out Gabi was pregnant with another man's child. Before that Nick was probably thinking "YES! A hot chick actually likes me for me and "gets" me! SCORE! She could be the one." Then the pregnancy happens and ruined all of his big dreams. But being the control freak that he is, he tried to turn it in his favor. If only he could get that weak-willed Will out of the way. Little did he realize that messing with Will was equal to screwing with Sami, Kate, Lucas and EJ. Stupid move. But, believing he was smarter than all of them combined, he went ahead with it anyways.
I agree.
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