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May 3 2014, 02:59 PM
May 3 2014, 02:24 PM
I will never understand how anyone could possibly look at what played out on-screen during the river incident as "cold-blooded [attempted] murder". Yes, Sami and Kate handled the matter the wrong way (and Gabi went right along with them, despite what she might have tried to claim after hearing Nick's version of events), but they thought Nick was dead, and everything they did afterward was based on that belief and a sincere desire to protect Gabi. They could have kept their hands clean and left Gabi to deal with her own mess, but they wanted to help because she was Arianna's mother. Nick's insistence that it was attempted murder doesn't make it so. Context is important.

I can't help thinking that if Nicole had been the one to do that, people would have been scrambling to come up with any excuse to defend her actions.
I'd say if Nick died in the river that Sami and Kate would have been guilty of murder. So that's enough for me. Yeah, they wanted to help Gabi and that's all well and good, but turns out Nick wasn't actually dead so what they did doesn't get just excused.
It would have been manslaughter, not murder.
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