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May 3 2014, 02:00 PM
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May 3 2014, 09:06 AM
I can safely say its not nostalgia. Blake Berris is great and Nick has tons of potential as a character.
This. Blake Berris, at least in my viewpoint, is a good enough actor (like AZ) to play nuances to Nick to equal the bad guy on the road to redemption, with some slipping along the way. It wouldn't necessarily have to be the "bad guy gone totally good" arc. But that would call for good writing. I guess I just find the actor an character much more intriguing than Will and Sonny. I honestly think there's a little fear in letting Will and Sonny go a little snarky or bad, for whatever reason. I find characters like that boring. I would much rather see conflict in which there are parts that make me MAD about both parties, but parts I like about both parties. I don't have that with Will and Sonny. They're just...........there. I'm not going to celebrate them for socially progressive purposes any more than I would bringing in any other diversity in which the characters make me snooze, only because TPTB brought them in for reasons of being "socially progressive". Might as well give me Sarah Palin. I can't stand her, but you gotta admit, her controversy can be dang entertaining!
I really wish sometimes that Nick would have been written as a "homophobe" of the type who is secretly questioning his own sexuality. I think Berris would have kicked that one out of the park, but that's more for Law and Order SVU, I suppose. Too hot for daytime.
I would have loved to have seen Nick in "A Beautiful Mind" type of story, struggling to fight mental illness. If Days is so high on social issues why not tackle that one? But obviously that would be too complicated for this writing crew. At this point, I don't even care who pulls the trigger. I will always associate this group with Nick's destruction so I'm going to have resentment for all them, to varying degrees. And the hypocrisy of some of them is mind boggling. The only consolation I have is that my all-time favorite Days character (Julie, another flawed character) sees him the way I do.
I'm not trying to argue here -- you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm not trying to get you to agree with mine. But the way you see him isn't the way that he's being written. It's not the way that he's been written for a very long time -- longer, at this point, than he has been written to be the way you see him. That's why it comes across as waxing nostalgic to me. It's sort of like someone wistfully thinking about what could have been if Will had been straight and available to romance Paige (or whomever). He's not straight, so musing about what could have happened if he were is an exercise in futility.

Likewise, Nick isn't a sweet, likable character anymore. I'd say "in my opinion" there, but it's not even really an opinion, from where I'm standing -- I can't see how anyone who doesn't know the 2006 version of Nick could possibly see the 2012-2014 version of Nick as anything other than an obsessive, possessive, manipulative, controlling creep (and let's not forget the attempted rapist and murderer things). It's not even about Nick being "mean" to "poor Will" or "poor Sonny" or "poor Sami" or "poor E.J." or "poor Kate". He's not nice to Gabi -- manipulating someone and trying to control their entire life, subtly or not, isn't "nice". He's not even nice to family members like Julie, Hope, and Maggie -- he's manipulating and lying to them just as much as everyone else. The only person he's possibly being nice to at this point is Percy, and even that seems like it is being done purely for selfish reasons (to "stick it to" Kate).

Nick's just not that guy anymore, and he has shown no real desire to change (whining about how no one will believe that he has doesn't count). You can blame it on the writers, you can blame it on the producers, you can even blame it on Melanie or Will and Sonny, but it is what it is. And the writers had just as much of a right to tell this story as they did to tell a "redemption" story about Nick. This one seems more believable and realistic to me, given Nick's history. A dissociative identity disorder storyline is about the only thing I can think of that would have been even more realistic. But really, I doubt that Nick would have even been brought back in the first place if it weren't for Melanie's departure and Gabi's pregnancy storyline. The writers just don't seem that interested in who Nick possibly might have been nearly eight years ago.
Great post!
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