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May 3 2014, 10:12 PM
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I think I'm mainly disappointed that we didn't get Rachel Melvin back during Nick's return. I was DYING for more Nick/Chelsea.
I would LOVE to get Rachel Melvin back, even if only for a 13 week stint. It would be fun to watch Ciara & Chelsea interact as well as find out what Chelsea really thinks of her father's extended absense (& "deep cover mission").
Some Ciara/Chelsea interaction would be so much fun with Ciara grown up and scheming now. Unfortunately, with my luck, they'd bring Chelsea back and pair her with someone boring like Chad or Ben...
The show needs to work on their "young adult" cast. We've got Will & Sonny, and then Abby, Ben,
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Then in the "teens" group we've got JJ & Paige (with occasional appearances by Mary Beth, Bev, and Rory).
I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put Theresa though. She's technically "young adult", but she doesn't interact with that age group.
leaving Ben or the name under the spoiler toggle odd man out... I almost thinking Days might be looking to ultimate go with Ben & Abby for the long term but we will wait and see once Robert Scott Wilson takes over later this month. depends on whom Abby gets paired with I would think if the asked Rachel Melvin to return I am not convinced that Abby would ultimately get repaired with Abby... I don't think Ben would be recast if Abby & Ben might not be the change of being end game.
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