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On the Robin subject wasn't there an article (somewhere) on here (?) where KM said she'd offered to stay a little longer, but was told she wasn't needed? If that was true it's not KM or "Robin's" fault that they didn't tape scenes ahead of time that would have fit with her coming home to be with Patrick and Emma for a little while. Putting that aside though the impressions I got from Friday's episode were that they're paving the road (again) for Patrick and Sabrina; and also that they showed why Sam and Patrick can't be a couple. Patrick was never able to deal with Robin's friendship with Jason or Sonny - as in not from day one; and he'd never accept Sam's past with Jason or Sonny (thus he wouldn't accept her for who she is). He's been written as a loving man, but one who expects everyone to accept his flaws (including screwing around while married). But he's been unwilling to accept what others want or need or even who they are - and that's applied to Robin more than anyone. The show absolutely should have written Robin off in a different way, but I think we'll continue to see the Robin won't come home because of Jason garbage until he's back with Sabrina (or whoever) and very possibly until they recast "Jason."

There are certain characters on soaps where recasting doesn't work and shouldn't be attempted. KM is one example and SB is another. Even though he wasn't around long it was so good to see SK back since he was "AJ" and although he wasn't a major star, the role really was his. KM grew up on the show and Jason pretty much did too. IMHO it would be much better to bring new characters in, or work with who they have, instead of trying to recast either. I've seen a lot of people who identify as Jasam fans demanding their couple - but that couple will never exist again unless SB returns to GH, and he seems happy where he is so I don't see that happening.

The rest of the show: I'm actually liking Ava better and the crypt sex was out there but acceptable - and I think Ava and Sonny could make a decent couple. Dr O is batshit crazy - I like her and wonder if the Cassadine connection will become a reality (as in Victor being Nathan's father). Still love almost any scenes with Alexis and/or Dianne. Totally adore Sam and Silas and have been watching Port Charles, and it's pretty clear now why these two actors caught my attention enough to keep me watching (mega chemistry). Donna Mills... I really wish I could focus on anything but her dysfunctional mouth, but I can't. So sad that such a beautiful woman felt the need to go to such extremes.
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