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May 4 2014, 04:23 PM
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It really makes AS look needy and egocentric.First she goes on Ellen to announce she is leaving.James keeps quiet about leaving even though they likely both told the show around the same time they were not renewing.James has his interview with MF then SOD announces today he is leaving.While the dust is still swirling from his announcement,AS is back on Ellen to talk about her newest projects which apparently don't cause her to miss time with her family so that attention returns to her.I think she is going to miss Days more than she thinks.TBL probably only has one or two seasons left.I don't think she is talented enough to carry a talk show for long.Its not as easy as it looks.I mean what happened to that reality thing she had going.Did it last more than a month? I also did not hear any high praise after her made for Hallmark movie.I never saw either and I imagine a lot of other viewers gave it a miss.Sometimes soap performers don't realize some people only watch them on other projects because they like their character on the soap.
Guests on shows are booked in advance. I highly doubt that The Ellen Show booked AS just yesterday. So it's highly unlikely this guest spot is about AS trying to upstage JS's announcement. Or that it would prevent her from taking care of her children. I am not that show business savvy but I am pretty sure she's not the only actor/famous person who goes on talk shows to promote a product.

You may be correct about the booking of guests,I don't know because I hate talk shows and rarely watch them but AS and JS likely knew months ago their last tape date so it is possible that she booked months ago.Both are NBC shows so I don't think there would have to be much arm twisting to get Ellen to squeeze in ten minutes or so for AS.In addition since AS is still appearing on Days and her many fans would likely tune in to Ellen which would also factor into booking her on short notice.I have seen any number of people hit the news cycle one day then appear on high profile shows like the Tonight Show,Letterman,Conan O'Brien,etc. in the same week.if not the next day or two.
I said nothing about her inability to take care of her children.I was just wondering how many new projects she can have since her last appearance since she said she was spending more time with her children/famiy.She is not the only person who goes on a talk show to promote projects and I have no problem with her or anyone else promoting projects 24/7,I just commented on her going back on the show so soon to promote projects when the last time she was on the show she said she was leaving the show to spend more time with her children/family.
Generally, when something is breaking news current shows make a room for guests and sometimes certain guests are pumped from the shows to accommodate high profile guests. We're dealing with a soap star, not George Clooney, Julia Roberts or Will Smith, so I don't think Ellen Show will rework everything they planned for AS. Besides, NBC has nothing to do with The Ellen Show - it's syndicated.

About her family and kids, I actually don't care. It's non of my business and since I don't know anything about her or her family, I am not going to be worked up about her work schedule and what it means for her kids. How working moms and working dads accommodate for their children is their own business. And I am not going to judge her one way or another.
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