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May 4 2014, 07:33 AM
I never said Nick was innocent but I AM sick of people trying to paint the murder crew as lily white victims. THEY ALL need to pay for their part in the crime and no matter what any one says what the girls did to Nick WAS attempted murder. What Nick did to Gabi was wrong as well. But Gabi fucking needs to pay for her crime against Melanie and the explosion in the tunnels because SHE IS responsible for that too. When you hire someone to do something bad and other bad things happen as a result YOU ARE held accountable and that bitch needs to pay for that as well. I will never buy the Gabi is a victim bullshit. But then no one pays in Salem..and it's stupid to have Nick pay the price when none of the hypocritical fuckers ever pay for their stupid shit. So has anyone actually heard any thing about BB leaving the show?!
EJ, Sami, Kate & Gabi are the only one who officially broke the law regardless of Nick's view point.

My father is a lawyer, the right things would have been for Will & Sonny to turn the woman in but that lacked proof and all the had was the woman's word about what the did that lacked proof ... IT an error in judgment not a crime.

BB contract is up this month, not mention of renewal ... no mention of BB being on set after the May Sweeps storyline's had been taped.

It what the law considers hearsay or secondary evidences (NO one can be charged for that, forced to testify against EJ, Sami, Kate & Gabi if certain acceptations to said law is met yet charged as assessory as NICK claims no. Nick trying to justify is continued threats and blackmail of Will & Sonny plan and simple.

Will & Sonny (Guy & Freddie) aren't heading off the show, so there not going to be a twist to make them accessories at this point ... Gabi it seems is going to lose Arianna and I think that going to be due to legal troubles either from Mel or from Nick attempt or murder to come... Sami & EJ exits I think they well be regarding their illegal acts as well.
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