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May 4 2014, 10:38 PM
May 4 2014, 08:07 PM
May 4 2014, 07:45 PM
For me personally, Sami has forgiven and forgotten THE most unforgivable, disgraceful, hateful, awful things a person can do - which I think is ridiculous and totally un-Sami-like ... but for HER, cheating has always been the WORST thing, because of her mom & John ... so if after ALL that she has forgiven of EJ, she could scrape the bottom of the barrel to manage to forgive this, too ... well I realize some people think that shows how true and deep their love is, but for ME personally, it would show a complete lack of self-respect and dignity, and simply rolling over and taking whatever he throws at her because she is simply not strong enough anymore to stand on her own. Which makes me very, very sad.
I can't stand Sami - and I won't apologize for hating a fictional character because I actually have a great deal of respect for AS as a mom/wife/etc...but perhaps, IF the scenario you described comes to fruition, Sami finds it in her heart to FINALLY forgive - REALLY forive - both Marlena and John for their affair...that could clear the path for them to reconcile (especially with John in the hospital) as well as provide Sami a plus-one in the grow-the-hell-up department. It might also provide Sami the maturity (if one could call it that) to forgive EJ...with the stipulation that if he EVER cheats again, they'll find parts of him scattered throughout North America.
I thought Sami already forgave Jarlena. She made up with John and they now have a great relationship. She even said that John is her second dad. IMO Sami has been over this thing since John got shot in 2006. It was reinforced when he 'died' during the vendetta. I have seen shown resentment toward Jarlena ever since.
Sami brought up the affair as early as two years ago. She still resents her mom for it. She bitched about it when Johnny went missing.
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