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May 4 2014, 10:34 PM
May 4 2014, 07:45 PM
For me personally, Sami has forgiven and forgotten THE most unforgivable, disgraceful, hateful, awful things a person can do - which I think is ridiculous and totally un-Sami-like ... but for HER, cheating has always been the WORST thing, because of her mom & John ... so if after ALL that she has forgiven of EJ, she could scrape the bottom of the barrel to manage to forgive this, too ... well I realize some people think that shows how true and deep their love is, but for ME personally, it would show a complete lack of self-respect and dignity, and simply rolling over and taking whatever he throws at her because she is simply not strong enough anymore to stand on her own. Which makes me very, very sad.
It is not about rolling over and taking whatever. We all know Sami wears the pants in the relationship LOL. The one who has always bent backward is Ej. Sami IS the boss. To me, it is about loving someone enough to accept them with their flaws and being able to forgive their transgressions. it is about choosing love over anger. Sami could leave Ej and go back to Lucas or find a new guy if she wanted to. but if she chooses to fight for the relationship, it proves how much she loves Ej and how committed she is to him.

When Sami messed up in the past, her men always dumps her including Lucas multiple times, brandon, rafe and austin. Ej is the only who has never blinked and has accepted her unconditionally. Sami may walk away at first and lash out, but it sounds like she will follow her heart and work things out with her soulmate when the dust settle. I could not be happier about that.
Like I said, I understand that some people see it that way. Obviously, you are one of them. I am not. I do not see it that way at all.
Sami may bulldoze over EJ and everyone else in her wake when she has a hair up her butt, but when it comes to forgiving every damn thing he ever does to her, yes I see it as rolling over and taking whatever. I do not see it as unconditional love. I see it as giving up and giving in for the sake of having the power and security of having him "on her side" instead of against her. And no, I do not see that EJ has always accepted Sami's mistakes. Sydnapping anyone? Come on. I also do not see them as soulmates. I do not see how much she loves him and is committed to him. I do not see them working things out and riding off into the sunset either. If they write it that way, so be it. I will still call it bullshit, because that's what it is. That is the way I see it, and you are welcome to disgree, but your interpretation is no more valid than mine.
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