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May 5 2014, 11:28 AM
May 5 2014, 11:19 AM
There have been a handful of fun scenes with Sami since last fall so that has certainly helped balance out the other half of the time when Kate's out for Jordan and her little cat, too.

My problem with the "protecting Rafe" angle is that Kate usually does extreme things for her children, not her lovers. Playing the part of a desperate/jealous woman has never worked for Kate, and unfortunately, it's now happened enough times that I fear it is no longer OOC for her to obsess like this. Friend, lover, whatever, it just doesn't make sense to me that Kate would go this far out of her way for someone that is not her child. After 18 years, I'm sure LK would rather believe Kate's doing this out of concern and not jealously... but it's probably somewhere in the middle.
The ONLY way ANY of this 'protecting Rafe' makes sense if it was just an excuse used by the writers to create a perfect way to have Kate and Jordan be at odds for years to come because Jordan will eventually end up with Lucas and you know how that always has to happen...Kate always has to hate the girl who is sleeping with Lucas...so it fits.
I thought of that when Lucas met Jordan and joked to Kate about her being beautiful. That would be more tolerable to me, but who wants to see a failed attempt to recreate the Lumi/Kate dynamic? Jordan isn't that interesting compared to Lucas/Kate.

Actually, I think the writers screwed up by making Liam the crazy one and not Jordan. It would have been nice to see Jordan turn out to be a REAL threat to Rafe and Kate sense it from the beginning. That way she wouldn't have come off disliking Jordan out of pure jealously.
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