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The emotions in today's episode.

The emotions between Julian and Ava felt so real. He didn't want to hurt his sister, but had no choice because of Fluke and his orders. Morgan saved her life after what she's done to him only made me pull for them as a couple.

Speaking of Fluke, I'm officially saying that he doesn't have Tracy fooled by a minute. I think it's her that has him fooled. She knows something is off with "Luke" and not to mention she hasn't heard "Spanky" come from his mouth yet.

I also think he's behind Patrick and Sabrina's accident. Carlos and Sabrina scenes was also emotional. He loves Sabrina to death and she doesn't deserve to have someone like that to care about her the way he does. After Patrick chose his wife over her. She's only a Robin replacement. The only reason they're together now is because of that child that I wished was Carlos.

I love Franco and Carly, but give them screen time with someone else for a change please.

Thanks to Alexis, Olivia finally put one and one together.
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