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Streetcorner Philosopher

I think they should all stay except Kenya. After watching Apollo on the reunion trying to deflect from a question about his criminal activities to some nonsense about how he made Kenya, I'm ready to see what happens to him and Phaedra when she's not around to serve as a distraction from or excuse for their marital issues.

Same with Nene, actually. Apparently she doesn't remember that the previous seasons were, y'know, taped, and she's got this idea that the problem is Kenya. Let's remove that, see how peaceful things are.

And then there's Porsha. Poor stupid perpetual victim Porsha (who will likely find Jesus soon and go back to the church where she can preach about saving the gays some more because her "I was bullied" bullshit isn't going to stick, and her single tanked even with all the publicity). Another I'd like to see without Kenya there.

Because without Kenya, the Nene/Phaedra/Porsha squad will implode- quickly. Nene was already pissed at Porsha for being a bad friend. Phaedra wouldn't have let Nene's "head doctor" comment slide. They'd possibly have to own their shit. I want to see that.

It's not that I think Kenya's perfect. It's that I can't take anymore of their nonsense about Kenya being the awfulest person in history.
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