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Shawn Christian is 48 and Missy Reeves is 47. Has Days ever had a new pairing in that age range that was successful?
Days hasn't. In fact, looking at all soaps, the only couple I can think of are Lauren and Michael on Y&R. They were one of the most surprising couples to be put together, yet people loved them. Although, that mostly had to do with the fact that Jack Smith was a pure storytelling genius.
Adored them. When Lauren and Michael started their romance in I think 2004, Tracey E. Bregman was 40 and Christian LeBlanc was 45/46.
Were they front burner?
Yes, but not like Fetch. They had the same amount of airtime as other couples.

Michael and Lauren had only shared scenes once or twice before being put together, so they first had to be built up properly. That is why for a while the characters just went on dates and got to know each other before they became a couple. And the audience got to warm up to them in the process and came to love them. On paper, it seemed crazy to pair these two characters up, but someone was potential and they were right. For about 3-4 years, Michael and Lauren were quite possibly the show's most liked couple. Also, until last year they were never in a love triangle story. Whatever problems they had as a couple, it was just the two of them dealing with it. I, personally, appreciated that. It was a nice change to have one couple not have a third person in a relationship.

Lysie, if you have time, look up some clips of Michael and Lauren from 2004 and 2005. They are a really good example of how to write a new couple in their 40s. Fetch, on the other hand, are an example of how NOT to write them.
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