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:( So sad to see Tasha go

F you Kass and Woo! Though I also can't really blame them for getting rid of her. She'd win hands down against any of them, IMO. I just hate the misdirection (I know they gotta make a show, lol).

I can't wait to see Trish and Kass go at it next week! Methinks one of them is going. Although I wasn't right this week, so ... LOL.

Still rooting for Spencer (one of my favorite players EVER. And his Twitter feed is great). I really hope Tasha comes back for another season at some point. I mean, we need other African American women besides Francesca and Cirie to come back.

It was nice to see Woo's personality last night. I have a bad feeling boring old Woo could win. Not that it would upset me but it would be such a blah ending. Oh well. Last night's episode was still soooo good.
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