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May 8 2014, 10:49 AM
May 8 2014, 10:08 AM
I think he's just alluding to Nick's death and probably Gabi's incarceration as a result.
But Nick will be dead, and if Gabi is the killer, she'll be away and forgotten next year. Why would that have any effect on next year's s/l. They'll be both out of Salem.
Well hopefully this will be a pretty decent Who Shot Nick? storyline and it does drag out for a while. I would like to see Hope really get into the investigation and have to ask the tough questions to all of these people that she cares about along with EJ and Kate, etc. It could give everyone involved meaty scenes. There could also be stuff like Will suspects Sonny or Sonny suspects Will or they both suspect Lucas. That causes tons of conflict that could go on for a while.

Gabi's exit really doesn't shake up the canvas at all since Nick is dead and Wilson are the only other people she really interacts with. Rafe will probably barely notice that she's gone since he just started being involved in her story in the last couple of weeks.

ETA sorry I should have done a better job of reading that. I didn't realize it said next year's s/l. That's probably just something to say.
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