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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, May 7th Daily Discussion

May 7 2014, 09:32 PM
I think Hope looked fabulous. Hope doesn't seem to be missing Bo at all. She's owning Salem and it's "Bo who?"

I really hated when EJ manhandled Abby. Men on this show need to stop manhandling women. It's off putting.

One thing I hate about this s/l is how it makes Will look. Will is an after thought about this whole thing. He's basically surrendering the right to his daughter to Nick, for the second time. Why is he sacrificing his little girl and handing her over to a maniac so that he can prevent Nick from putting his mother, grandmother and Ari's mom in jail? Fuck them all. They're adults but putting that poor innocent baby at the mercy of this mad man is unacceptable! Before the end of this maddening plot, Will better be putting his daughter first. Why don't these people go to a lawyer and at least get some legal advise?

Finally, I guess Uncle Victor gave Sonny the keys to the secret gun cabinet. For someone who hardly visits KMansion and who lived there briefly when he was a kid, he knows his way around the mansion.
I agree with this post.
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