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May 9 2014, 08:14 AM
May 8 2014, 10:11 PM
May 7 2014, 08:15 PM
As stated by Six

Liz and Nik need to stop playing games. IMO, LiRic is the better couple, but if Liz is going to use him as a placeholder, the way she did AJ, (and Ewen. And Lucky and Nik come to think of it), it would be better if we just skipped to the end and just put Niz together. I feel like Liz has been in unnecessary triangles the entire time I've been watching.

It the same story from last summer. All the writers did was replaced Rick for AJ. Liz likes two men fighting over her. She moved into Nik's home to prevent him for forgiving Britt and to make Rick jealous. As both men argued back and forth, she stood in silence and soak all the attention in. Then she accepted Ric invitation to the NB, just like during Halloween, Nik took Britt to the GH Halloween dance. Niz is all about i love you but we can't be together because we have feelings for other people who we told each other that they were going to hurt us now we both lonely and depressed yet too scared to be together because we be each other rebound but now we have to fight our feelings because of bad timing. I agree with you, put Niz together and leave Ric/Britt out of it.
I think Liz is staying away from Nik because she knows he still has feelings for Britt. IMO she is being smart, she does not want to be his rebound.
That's all well and good, but she should leave Ric out of it. Not take up with him in the meantime and further complicate things so that when Nikolas is finally ready to move on with her, she'll be entangled with Ric and longing for Nikolas.

Another reason why Niz is a failure. Liz did the same thing last summer when she was with AJ and in denial about her feelings for Nik. Now she doing the same thing over again :censored: . If she wants Nik then she needs to wait for him to return her feelings, but instead she wants two men fight over her. Like others have mentioned before, all Liz wants Nik to do is pine for her for the rest of his life or be her backup plan when she gets lonely.
I do agree with you on keeping Ric/Brit out of the Niz swine story.
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