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May 8 2014, 08:33 PM
Glad to see this! Would love to see the ratings and see how much of a wide margin.
DAYS & Y&R usually pull around approx 600,000-650,000 and 700,000-750,000 daily viewers for GLOBAL....this may not seem like a lot, except when you compare it to shows like TPIR and LMAD which don't even get over 100,000 daily viewers.

B&B was sent to the Canadian TV wasteland last year due to bad ratings (dropped from CTV to CTV2...this would be like CBS dropping one of their soaps from CBS to TVGN or worse). To give you an idea of how bad that is, B&B only reaches 1.2 million people in Canada (the country has 34 million people) that actually have CTV2, whereas CTV is available on every TV in the country.

GH gets just north of 200,000 viewers daily on CITY.

CITY/CTV and GLOBAL (along with non-soap CBC) are the 4 major Canadian TV networks.

It should also be pointed out that many Canadian also get the CBS/NBC/ABC stations as well, so they can watch their shows on those network aswell (those viewership numbers are not counted in Canadian ratings unless the station decides to sync programming for that 1 hr...this doesn't happen in all markets). What that means is if I am watching NBC in Canada, and DAYS is scheduled to come on at 1PM, GLOBAL may sync their broadcast overtop of NBC's...basically I am watching NBC, but it switches for that hour to GLOBAL and then when the show is over, it goes back to NBC. I suspect this only occurs in markets where the US network is pulling more viewers than the Canadian network and due to broadcasting laws in Canada, the 4 networks here basically get given special treatment/rights over foreign TV networks.

Another interesting note...ANOTHER WORLD was the #1 rated soap in Canada right up to the early 90's (this is when Y&R started airing at 4PM universally across Canada and was also moved to day-ahead universally)....it was the #3 soap (again by a wide margin) when it was forced off Canadian networks due to its cancellation from NBC. AW was wildly popular up here.
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