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I think you're missing my larger point. I guess we'll leave it at that because there's no way I will be able to convince you because of your very strong feelings towards AS and Sami.
Perhaps I am missing the point you were trying to make.I don't believe my feelings concerning Sami are stronger than your feelings concerning Nick,Will,Sonny,Gabi,and Sami.I am not not trying to convince you or other posters of anything,since everyone is entitled to their own opinion of all things Days.I am just giving my own opinion of Days wardrobe,characters,and actors.I form my opinion based on my own stardards,therefore,I am not easily swayed and rarely change it because someone else disagrees with it.
My point is the wardrobe on this show is atrocious and inappropriate most of the time. I worked at big hospitals and I've never seen anyone wear what Theresa was wearing, or that sheer number Abby was wearing. Those things are things you wear when you're going to a club or a soiree. What AS said on twitter doesn't change any thing, unless you're invested in proving that AS has cheap taste. If her options are between ugly, very ugly and really ugly and she picks the ugly one then how does that prove she has bad fashion instincts?
I don't find the entire wardrobe for the show atrocious.Of the current cast Roman,John,Stefano,Victor,EJ,Rafe,Eric,Brady,Aiden,Abe,JJ,Kate,Abby,Kayla,Jordan,Anne,
Theresa,and Hope, generally wear average to above average well fitting clothing appropriate for their age and consistent with their character and character's occupation on the show.Maggie,Marlena,Caroline,and Adrienne occasionally wear outfits that are a little out there but for the most part the clothing looks okay,fits decently,and for the most part is age appropriate.Jennifer's wardrobe as I indicated it not ugly or too tight,it is merely age and seasonly inappropriate.As I stated I have seen young women wear clothing to work and church that is inappropriate for both..Just because you have not seen young women wear inappropriate clothing to work at the particular hospital where you work does not prove that it has not happened elsewhere.There are any number of thing I have not seen personally witnessed that actually happen quite often.What is the purpose of going on twitter to announce to followers that you have input and choose the wardrobe for your character if all you do is pick from the lesser of all evils when the show presents you with the choices for your character if all the other actors on the show are doing the same.All of Sami wears is not ugly but quite a bit of it is too short,too tight,and inappropriate for the character's occupation.If all she is doing is making choices as to which outfit is the least hideous,she might also want to eliminate those that are too tight,too short,and inappropriate for the character's occupation/social position.
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