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May 9 2014, 04:30 PM
May 9 2014, 12:04 PM
"Her marital status might age her to not get casting for so young"??? I mean, um, first of all, how could that possibly be? Is she the first person married who is acting on soap, like ever? Plus, um, maybe she shouldn't be *trying* to act all those twenty year old parts when she's like thirty herself.... *as* is the case with Thereannie who's supposed to be much older than whatever she's playing or whatever the show is trying to portray.
It's not that simple. Few actors have the privilege of choosing the age range they want to play. And if you're a relative newcomer like JL, you take whatever role comes your way. She's actually been lucky in that she's mostly played young adult roles and not teenagers. In a few years, that will make transition to late-20s/early-to-mid-30s characters in other projects easier (given her young looks, I'm sure she'll play that age range for several years to come). She's in a much better position than some 30-year-olds playing 16-year-olds at the moment.
Who knows where she got that advice, too. She was trying to break into the industry at what, 25 or so, coming from the other coast. It might have been something a manager or an agent suggested early on. I'm sure there are a fair number of people in Hollywood in a similar position, age and career-wise, that don't end up with the even the moderate kind of success she's had, and take a lot of measures to set themselves apart from the pack.

Her private life is just that, anyway. Nobody is entitled to it.
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