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i tuned in for the first time in weeks because I wanted to see the Taylor and Aly confrontation. I'm glad I tuned in.

Ugh, hope is dating both Wyatt and Liam? Wtf. Stupid hoe. This has been the same storyline for like a year now. Nothing has changed. How do y'all stand it.

Quinn's annoying ass is still on everyday. Time for her to go!

Charlie and Pam were cute but kinda too cheesy for me.

The Oliver and Throne scenes were great! I loved how it was explained that Aly was the reason Throne didn't really have a love interest for years. Taylor and Throne < 3 Time for them to get married!

Does Aly not understand that Taylor's driving is not the reason Delia died? Delia like flew into the road. I get why she was upset but she was so hypocritical. I can't believe she blamed Taylor for driving drunk! Her daughter called her and told her that her car broke down in the ghetto area of town. Didn't Taylor hear phoebe scream and she couldn't reach her? Of course she would drive there. This girl has no room to talk. She would jump over a bridge for Hope.

Was getting DAYS early 2000s vibes from the end of the show today. ; ) loved it!
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