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May 9 2014, 10:39 PM
You know, I had a CRAZY CRAZY thought the other day - what if it's Caroline Brady? All the suspects have been in and out of Brady Pub discussing their problems - some in detail and some to lesser degrees, but it all points to ONE person and that's Nick. What if she overheard stuff. Given her alzheimers and diminished mental capacity could she do it and then FORGET she did it? She had a confrontation awhile back with Nick and she cares for Gabi, Sami, Lucas, Will, and Sonny.

Have tptb ever said we'd be surprised by the killer?

I know it'll probably wind up being Gabi, but it'd be a great twist. If it wound up there's two shooters then Gabi could be one and Caroline the other.

I know it's wacky and out there, but I was SOOOOO disappointed with the "who took the pictures of EJabby" reveal last week that I really need to be shaken up by a REAL shocking reveal. I still think having Percy/Nick taking the EJabby pictures was stupid.
It makes sense for Percy/Nick to have had the pictures to give Nick blackmail material and EJ a reason to have him killed since he did not get that bent out of shape when Nick was blackmailing Sami,Kate,Gabi,Will,and Sonny.I think its stupid if Percy had all of the negatives and only copies of the photographs.
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