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I caught several inconsistencies in the script with regard to EJ, Sami and the hitman:

- EJ tries to meet the hitman in the park but gets intercepted by Rafe. The supposed hitman takes the hint that it's not a good time to meet in front of "Detective Hernandez" and takes off. We don't know for sure that the guy in the park is really the hitman, or just some guy coincidentally reading the sports page on a park bench. We never actually see EJ track the guy down later and pay him off or tell him who it is he's supposed to do a contract on; i.e., Nick. So if the guy in the park never got paid onscreen, why is he suddenly spending the rest of the afternoon stalking Nick for free?

- Since we all know it's a whodunit, this implies that it is not the hitman's bullet that kills Nick. So does the hitman do his duty as a loyal DiMera minion and admit to EJ that it isn't his bullet so EJ can plan accordingly? Or does he just take EJ's money and run because the mission got accomplished whether the hitman fired the fatal shot or not?

- Finally, what was that weird scene with EJ and Sami all about? First, EJ wants the two of them to stay at the mansion so the servants can vouch for their whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Then EJ decides Sami is too rattled and her demeanor might give something away in front of the kids. EJ suggests that the two of them take a walk together, presumably staying on the grounds of the mansion to preserve their alibi. So why are EJ and Sami suddenly in the middle of Horton Town Square together at the time of Nick's death?

If the writers want to give us a decent whodunit, the least they could do is fix the bloopers in the storyline before it's seen by the audience.
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