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May 10 2014, 02:51 AM
- Finally, what was that weird scene with EJ and Sami all about? First, EJ wants the two of them to stay at the mansion so the servants can vouch for their whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Then EJ decides Sami is too rattled and her demeanor might give something away in front of the kids. EJ suggests that the two of them take a walk together, presumably staying on the grounds of the mansion to preserve their alibi. So why are EJ and Sami suddenly in the middle of Horton Town Square together at the time of Nick's death?

If the writers want to give us a decent whodunit, the least they could do is fix the bloopers in the storyline before it's seen by the audience.
Granted, this part didn't play out that well, but I wouldn't really call it a "blooper". E.J. wanted to stay at the mansion with Sami, but she made it clear (to him, if not to us) that if they did that, she'd want to spend some time with the kids. E.J. didn't want her to do that because he was afraid that the kids would pick up on the fact that something was bothering her, so he quickly chose a different strategy -- going to the town square, which would still provide them with an alibi because they would be seen in public at the time of the shooting (which E.J. knew would soon occur because the hit man had previously promised to do the job within twenty-four hours of the time that the payment had been made -- and the hit man had also stressed that it would likely be done closer to the beginning of that window of time than the end). In the script, E.J. even makes a point of telling Sami to talk loudly so that they can be sure to attract attention from the other people in the town square.

But you're right, it could have been written better.
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