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May 10 2014, 01:43 AM
I’ve watched the episode 3 times now. And I just figured something out that was bugging me - thinking we’ve got more stupid Days inconsistencies. In the pub, Lucas texted to Nick “Where are you?” and Nick texted back “in the park.” Then Lucas shows up at the HTS asking where Allie is? I was thinking that was dumb because he never went to the park. But what if he did? Maybe he was the shooter. Spoilers say Kate’s gun is missing and Kate accuses Lucas. And spoilers say Lucas is in hot water when Hope catches him in a lie.

So now my guesses are: Gabi, Ben or Lucas
I have to agree with you
Gabi, Lucas & Ben are the hidden ones in the group of suspects

Will & Sonny talked about the possibility when Will found the gun and Will make a point of talking Sonny out of it. Clearly has much as Will hates Nick he cares far to much guilt from shooting EJ in the back. I think Sonny picked up on that which is why he backed off the idea. And he didn't go home after the talk with Kate he immediately called Will with no signs that he left Horton Town Square and there is no signs that Will went anywhere but from Brady pub with Abby to where Sonny was in the Horton Town square.

Gabi clutched and extra bag of some kind (that might have held the gun that Sonny put up and away in the coat closet at the apartment Gabi has the most time and most reason (we she didn't return to HTS) with Arianna when she said to be going to get her to go back there and find the gun.

Lucas probably knows what Kate keeps her gun that goes missing, as you said he lies to hope & is caught on top of the fact that Kate directly accesses him

Ben looked ready to protect Abby if she wouldn't protect herself from Nick... we've not been shown that Ben owns a gun but with the secrets in his past he very well could.
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