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I think they should have let Guy build into the role. I think part of the problem was they just shoved him into a wedding with no build up to make that emotional connection. Everything was all big events...the non proposal, the real proposal and then the wedding. I truly felt the emotional connection during the bed scenes after the fake proposal. But there was barely any of that besides in those episodes. I feel like Will and Sonny are now married but only on paper. That's the problem for me. They don't even get to act like a couple. Guy needed more scenes being shown romantically with Sonny in the sense they truly get to connect like they did in bed initially. Also, he needed more build up with other characters. This week we had Will and Nick getting into a fight but the didn't have enough scenes prior to truly feel how they got to this point in their relationship. I think the show made a rash decision when they didn't like how Chandler announced his exit. Instead of truly thinking about what to do, they made a gut decision. I think had Chandler not announced it how he did, it would have been Chandler involved in the wedding and involved in everything up until Nick's exit (if Nick would have left at all had it been Chandler in the role). It is what it is and I still enjoyed all of the scenes this week. But I do feel that missing emotional connection like you are all saying. And it's to bad because I can tell how much Guy loves playing this role and how excited he gets about things.
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