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May 10 2014, 10:16 PM
May 10 2014, 10:05 PM
Earlier in the week, I didn't post about it, but I guessed that Nick's plan was to arrange for something to kill him, but make it look like it was everyone else's fault, -- with the goal that suspicion would be cast on everyone and they'd all be investigated, which would result in the revealing of everyone's secrets.
That would be a really nice twist. Nick hires someone to fake assassinate him and he makes everyone look like a suspect and plants incriminating evidence for everyone, along with past evidence. The plan gets complicated when the shooter misunderstands the order and kills him for real.
Nick major problem is his evidences in EJ's shooting isn't legal and the SPD (an I assume Nick doesn't know) doesn't have the legit evidences. The police cant arrest Will for EJ's shooting off Nick's recording

The police also can't arrest Will & Sonny off Nick's pictures of Will and Sonny at the river that again it lack of evidences that doesn't prove anything

The other reason I don't see arrest coming for Will or Sonny is that Wally Kurth there is no signs he got scenes coming, with EJ another possible suspect and AIDAN Gabi custody lawyer there are no lawyer options for either which is why I don't see arrests coming... I think the major part of Will & Sonny story line will be custody related with Gabi before long.
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