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May 11 2014, 05:32 PM
Ari was fantastic as always but her clip reminded me with detail just how badly the show destroyed Ericole. I hope there's a way to redeem the horrible mistake they chose, not once but twice, and if there is I really wish they'd hurry up and do it. Some may argue Fetch is the worst mistake this show has done in years. They sure as shit don't help anything but I find the ridiculous "lets stall out an impeccable storyline in the worst way possible" decision to have Nicole shred that evidence regarding Eric to be THE single handed worst thing this show has done since it first hired Dena Higley. It stalled the story, yes but it took away the most beautiful transformation of one of my all time favorite characters and just ripped a hole in the core of what was once a budding relationship like none other on the show. Ari is so good in these scenes and I'm excited for someone who doesn't know what happens next to see them. I don't know if she could win....that will either go to Eileen or Eileen and Ari could cancel out each other. Ari may end up the new Susan Lucci of the daytime Emmys. It's a great clip and worthy....my mind just can not get over how the next chapter literally got on paper.
I'm with you. I had forgotten just how good the scenes were and why I loved Ericole so much. Ugh, I think I'm back to pretending that this is all a hallucination and Ericole is still locked in the basement.
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