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That Jena Irene chick on IDOL is the worst woman ever to make it to the Final 3. She's the female Taylor Hicks, only younger and a lil hipper lol. The judges this year make me sick that they've pimped and pimped her, NEVER criticize her at all, especially J-Lo & Keith who've both gotten hardons for her lol. Jessica Meuse was by far better than her and she was always criticized by them, and they got what they wanted last week when she got voted off. Hope that Caleb Johnson wins, because he's by far the best on this season. Alex hopefully will make it to 2nd place. But I've given up on IDOL and as of this week have quit watching the show. I only will watch next season---which will only be on once per week----if Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez are OUT and maybe Harry Connick Jr too. Hopefully they'll lure back Simon Cowell, and maybe even Paula Abdul. Get the original 3 back together maybe.
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