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Monday ("True Colors")
Jennifer is surprised when Liam reveals his true colors;
Will freaks out when he reads Gabi's custody agreement.
Abigail questions Benís intense overreaction.

Tuesday ("Smith Island")
Nicole races to Smith Island to rescue Jennifer from Liam;
Daniel makes a discovery at his apartment;
Theresa makes a confession.
Sparks fly between Abigail and Ben.

Wednesday ("New Evidence")
Nicole and Jennifer fight to escape from Liam and someone gets shot;
EJ receives new evidence regarding the incriminating photo of him and Abigail.
After Theresaís confession, Daniel and Eric take off to find Jennifer.
Ciara has a tempting proposition for Aiden.

Thursday ("Deadly Conclusion")
The jeopardy on Smith Island comes to a deadly conclusion;
Theresa fears her role in Liam's reign of terror is about to be exposed.

Friday ("Dropping a Bomb")
EJ confronts the person who took the incriminating photo;
Kate drops a bomb on Jordan.
Will panics when he senses Gabi just might give in to Nickís outrageous plan.
Sami reaches out to Abigail for help with Nick.

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