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May 12 2014, 09:32 PM
May 12 2014, 05:44 PM
May 12 2014, 09:55 AM
May 11 2014, 03:54 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
:lol: :laugh:
I think we had this discussion before.
And since you have only started watching this soap within the last few years, there are no words to comment. Hence, the big laughs a the beginning.

So lets see, Hope only became a waffler when Wyatt came on the show - July 12, 2013 (10 months ago). Wow not even one year?
Okay, I guess the last few years were her being............................ woooooh, wooooooh, let me guess? not a waffler?

Okay, how many "non-weddings" the non-waffler had? wooooooh, let me guess? three or four?
how many of those were before Wyatt arrive? wooooooh, let me guess again? three? :laugh:

Anyway, I see even though Steffy isn't in LA - she is still being mentioned. Kudos to you for that. :dance: She was always a breathe of fresh air.
That skank Steffy made me gag and puke and I'm so happy she's gone. Good riddance!! I've been watching daily for four years and suffered through the Leffy and Lope crap so I can speak to Hope only being a waffler since she was with Wyatt!! What Hope did then was not waffling. Waffling is going back and forth between two men and she wasn't doing that then. Liam was the only waffler in that big mess of SL!!

Skanky Steffy will be mentioned even if she hasn't been on the show for 10 years so we might as well get used to it. :biggrin:

Hope has waffle between wanting Liam and kicking him to the curb. All the weddings she imploded because they were not perfect described her waffling to a capital T. Brooke did the same thing with Ridge and all the men she had in her life. Hope is nothing but a Brooke 2.0 in training.

Steffy lives in Paris, France and has not given Liam/Hope a thought. The only skank on the show is Hope.
well its hard to explain to a new viewer about the in's and outs of the show.
especially when an opinion is already formed on the one-sided materials being given to the viewers.

Hope was SORASED in 2010 and then was paired with Oliver until her mother did her better by sexing Oliver on the wall at her high school graduation party.
After that, she tried to hookup with Liam, but because of her sanctimonious holy and though attitude, Liam looked else where and found Steffy. Liam being the biggest walfler, could have simple said to Steffy - NO! but he didn't because he was seriously attracted to her. Meanwhile, the hair flipping twit kept pushing him away by telling he didn't do this, he didn't do that, and so on.

But in all in all seriousness, I am very happy that the poster constantly bring up Steffy, because it keeps her on the show even she is not physically there.
Again, Kudos to the poster for that. Because she was such a breathe of fresh air.

Most of us is already seeing that the Hair-Flipping Twit will become the Walking Mattress 2.0 within a few months. She has already started on her path.
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