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May 6 2014, 08:47 AM
Hope has waffle between wanting Liam and kicking him to the curb. All the weddings she imploded because they were not perfect described her waffling to a capital T. Brooke did the same thing with Ridge and all the men she had in her life. Hope is nothing but a Brooke 2.0 in training.

Steffy lives in Paris, France and has not given Liam/Hope a thought. The only skank on the show is Hope.

That's not waffling, it's called not being able to make up her mind. It happens to trillions of people in relationships every day and they kick them to the curb because of it. It only happened because Liam wouldn't choose between her and that cheap, easy tramp Steffy. I wouldn't put up with it either, no way, I'd scratch her ugly eyes out! Skanky Steffy may not be on the show but she's still a cheap skank in my eyes!! I'll talk about that skank whenever I damned well please. Hope has a very long way to go before she's one but Steffy is queen skank. :cheer: Hope doesn't want perfect, she just wanted that dirty skank Steffy out of their lives and she had every reason to want that. Marriage and relationships r only for TWO PEOPLE, not three and that's what Liam was doing, hence she kicked him to the curb and bully for her!! [/quote]

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