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Miss Rhi
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I'm on the 2nd episode of the Nurse's Ball now.

I love the way Kathleen plays Obrecht. Her character cracks me up and drives me crazy at times but that's what I like. I'd miss her if she was written off. Just when you think she's down and out they find ways to keep the character in a position where she's still interacting with so many different people.

I like the Nik and Spencer scenes of them at home doing everyday things like eating pizza in pajamas while watching tv. The Spencer vs Cameron thing over Emma is getting old though.

I cringed and rolled my eyes at Kiki's act singing the P!ink song. I did like seeing Lucas be a part of it though.

That Luke and Tracy crap was just stupid and I will be glad when whoever is pretending to be Luke is exposed so we'll be closer for this stupid storyline to be over.
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