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Miss Rhi
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Grandpa Hughes
May 13 2014, 03:42 PM
I don't like to make comments like this but did Milo look different to anyone else? He looked almost ill to me.
He did look different. I noticed he still had muscles and all but his body didn't look as defined as it did last year. He also seemed kinda tired and lethargic throughout the whole act. It's weird how he all but disappeared and pops up for the Nurse's Ball looking and acting like this.

Ryan Paevey (Nathan) and Ryan Cranes (Lucas) are both so hot. The Ryan who plays Lucas isn't as cute with short hair as I've seen after googling. During those scenes during the Milo and co. scenes Chad Duel and his body looked so out of place up there compared to all the other guys. He's another one that I'd like to smack with a phone book because the character and the way Chad plays him drives me up a wall now. I don't know what's changed because I didn't mind him at first when I started watching full time. I think it may be due to the real life relationship between him and Kristen and the way those two acted on the show when their characters were on so much.
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