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My selfish soap consumer is mad at Blake for wanting to do something else with his life because Nick is the only character on this show with any depth and thus, the only character which holds my attention.

But I totally get not wanting to be stuck with this boring show, Good luck Blake!
I'm hoping Ari Zucker goes next. Seriously. Both of them could probably do well in prime time. I haven't seen all of the Big Bang Theory episodes, so I haven't seen Blake's appearance on there, but he would fit in so well if they could have him on there more. And, it's a successful show. Course, Scrubs didn't help JKJ very much :glare:
Ari's been on this soap for ages. She's in her late 30th, I think that's a bit late for her to hit prime time now. Blake is still young and he has more opportunities.
What does age have to do with it? Technically, it shouldn't. If nothing else, she should put herself out there on guest spots. This whole "too old" bullshit makes me sick. But then again, I guess that's why there's an epidemic of puffer fish lips and cat eyes. Very sad.
I think Marg Helgenberg was around Ari's age when she started on CSI.Jorja Fox who played a technician who married Grissom returned to CSI and she looks as if she is around Ari's age.They also hired Elizabeth Shue on CSI who looks the same age or older and .Jeanne Tripplehorn who is currently on Criminal Minds.The lady who plays Hetty on NCIS:Los Angles is a lot older than Ari.Lauren Graham on Parenthood who used to be on Gilmore Girls also looks to be the same age as Ari if not older.Then there is Lucy Liu on Elementary,Robin Tunney on the Mentalist,and Julianna Margulies on the Goodwife along with the woman who plays Diane.Some people like what they do and stay in the comfort zone while others like to try new things.If Days does not want to renew her contract and she still wants to act,I think AZ has enough talent to get work on television or in movies.

I forgot to add that Patricia Arquette was on just on CSI last week as a cyber expert.She is getting a spin off series for next season.I think she is about Ari's age or older.
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